Capstone Lifestyles

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide solutions for your life.​

Capstone Lifestyles, Inc. was created to offer a unique approach to the typical kitchen and bath cabinet design and process.

Like most other kitchen and bath dealers, we design the space for your cabinet area (kitchen, bath, laundry, closet, garage, etc.), offer cabinetry brands and counter top products for the new or current home project, deliver, and install the items we sell.

We are unique in that our success is measured in return and referred projects, not in our year-end earnings.

We are experts in “Listening”, Designing”, and “Connecting” with our clients.

We Listen

We take the time to listen to your current needs, as well as your future ones. This is essential to providing you with quality service and helping you to achieve your dream.

Through listening and asking the appropriate questions, we are better able to assist and make recommendations to meet a “better than expected” result for our clients.  We are not interested in designing to build our portfolio – only yours. 

We Design

Our specialty – Focusing on designing to your desire of living comfortably in your home, we consider existing, unrealized, and future needs.  Beginning with an in-house or on-site consultation, we design with the combination of your vision and our experience.  

Using the highest quality and technically advanced software to allow photo quality imaging in perspective renderings, we are able to provide clear images of the actual designed space.  Our conference room is equipped with a large screen for easy viewing and conversation about the design.

Cabinet areas are not limited to your kitchen. We design for all areas of the home including bathrooms, closets, laundry rooms, outdoor areas, bedrooms, garages, etc.

In addition to offering design styles such as Shaker, Traditional, Mission, Transitional, Old World, Victorian, Colonial, Farm House, etc., we are well versed and accomplished in European Modern, Contemporary, and Inset design. Through our experience in European design, no matter the design style, we often implement the minimalist design approach of accessible, functional stations (or zones) in planning.

We Connect

With products ranging from the highest quality of fit and finish available, to the moderately priced – we connect your desire for your space with the highest quality product solutions to meet your needs, preferences, and budget.  

We Demonstrate

As a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS), Robin C. Weeter, President of Capstone Lifestyles, Inc., also provides presentations and lecture series addressing Aging in Place, and Universal Design. With the sponsorship of Blum Inc., allowing the use of their “Age Explorer Suit”, the focus of these visual and interactive presentations is to aid those designing for, or assisting their clients with, physical restrictions and limitations related to aging. Designers, architects, general contractors, physical therapists, occupational therapists, orthopedic associations, home health care employees, etc., all benefit from our presentations.